When I Grow Up



The tagline of this blog used to be ‘a day in the life of a mother at home’.

It’s been a LONG time since I last wrote, mainly because I felt that being a ‘mother at home’, while still being a large part of what I do on a daily basis, isn’t the central premise of my life any more.

Being a young mum, life seemed to tick by with every year seeing things ticked off my LIFE ‘To Do List’.

School, Uni, MA, getting married, having a baby, having another baby, moving house. I was busy. I also wrote for, edited for and occasionally represented Mothers at Home Matter, a group whose cause I absolutely believe is a vital one, but now I am ready for the next bit of the journey.

My kids are 9 and 7. They don’t need me like they used to.

So I am turning back to myself to find out what it is that I want to do ‘when I grow up’. Because while my twenties were spent getting married, having my babies and enjoying being a creative homemaker, I now feel that my thirties need to be spent coming out of that cosy circle.

But of course, all my peers that didn’t do the young mum thing (which is MOST of them), now have established, and frankly terrifying, careers.

They are experienced journalists, they are drama teachers, they are doctors who travel out to help with the Syrian refugee crisis in Turkey, they are not pottering about in Aldi, delighted each time by the savings they’re making compared to Sainsbury’s.

This is not to say that I am ungrateful for the life I am lucky enough to lead.

I am a part time singer with a trio called The Frockettes – we get dolled up and sing retro three part harmonies AND get dosh for doing so. I am also studying to be a journalist. It’s a distance learning course and as such, takes a vast amount of self-motivation.

So this blog is about the transition. It’s still about motherhood, because that is a journey too. But it’s also a blog about re-focusing on new goals. Maybe I’ll never get there, but it’s the journey that counts not the destination, so bear with me.

  1. Josh said:

    Great, go for it! 🙂 and don’t compare yourself to others. Personally, I catch myself doing it all the time, but am more aware of it than I used to be. It’s a pointless habit and can be awfully demoralising. Good luck with the course!

    • Very wise words Josh, thank you. Comparison is pointless and I really should have learnt that by now, but clearly have further to go on that one too.

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